What is art therapy?

Art therapy involves the creation and exploration of artistic productions. It allows for creative expression of one's emotions, as well as self-awareness and self-discovery in a safe and welcoming space. Through therapeutic goals, the process of art therapy can be useful in problem solving, improving or accepting certain aspects of our lives, or simply to promote one's well-being.


" Art therapy is defined as an approach of therapeutic accompaniment which uses artistic materials, the creative process, image, and dialogue, aiming for self-expression, self-awareness, and / or change of the person who consults. The art therapist is a trained and accredited professional (ATPQ) who facilitates this process ethically and in a safe environment." (Reference: Association des arts-thérapeutes du Québec) 

 "No artistic talent or special skills are required to fully benefit from art therapy. Both the creative process and the work produced are considered more for their therapeutic significance than for their aesthetic value. The art therapy consultation can be done individually, in a dyad or in a group, and in a variety of contexts that prioritize the integrity of the person consulting."   (Reference: Association des arts-thérapeutes du Québec)            


Art-therapy explained to youths (in French) :